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DKeith Pictures still images bring to the World a look into everyday life from the view point of the seen, unseen, the unnoticed, and things in life we see everyday, but rarely take time to notice. Sticking to the basics is key in development, while stepping out of bounds to break the “rules” are just as important to each project. There is no true form, only the subject at hand, and the driving inspiration of the moment. Whether the subject is a pet, a live band, a political rally, a touchdown in fourth, a flower, or a simple puddle of looking at the world, DKeith Pictures unveils the truth of the moment through an artful eye and thought provoking photography. Derek Keith began shooting on Nikon 35mm Film cameras to grasp the backbone and the basics of film through the development of images in a standard dark room. The task of shooting film without the added benefit of today’s convenience for instant review of quality, focus, or lighting in digital form, has helped to mold a more precise and knowledgable photographer.

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Personal Photography
Personal Photography
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